Blood, Sweat & Gladiators… A weekend in Rome part 1

IMG_8385They say all roads lead to Rome which is not only an old proverb but true if you have ever tried to navigate your way around a city which was built over 2 ½ thousand years  ago with a map which was only printed a few years ago and a smart phone which was currently not living up to its title,

The road signs were of even less help as they would literally show all road directions leading to one place “Rome”

so yes you would eventually reach the fabled Rome itself but however getting to your intended destination could and would involve all sorts of adventures…


I have come to the conclusion that there must be a huge market for electrical tape in Rome.

I start to wonder if you just pick it up at your local car store or is there specialist boutique shops popping up around the city supplying a wide range of colours and styles to the populous of Rome?

 Now you may wonder where the train of thought is coming from, but if you have ever made the mistake as a non citizen of Rome of getting lost in your hire car and ending up right in the middle of the city center itself, where only born and bread locals dare to drive.


Where a 4 lane road is converted into 6, the hard shoulder and in some cases even the footpath is regarded as another lane.

All rules of the roads including traffic lights are optional, especially if driving a scooter.

Even the direction of the roundabouts and give way depends on the time of day, and the mood of the general public.

Scooters weave in and out between cars filled with Italians screaming at each other, are they arguing or just happy to see and old friend, Who knows?


Cars push past each other desperate to get to their destination no matter what, scraping along the side, leaving dents and scratches in their wake.

We decided that people must keep their nice cars out of the city in the suburbs, and only use the old banged up ones in the city centre.

We didn’t see a single car without a dent, scratch, mirror missing or bits hanging off.

Bumpers mirrors and lights held only in place by colour coordinated electrical tape, one car had almost the entire back end covered in electrical tape, god knows if there was even any car left under there or just a shell of black tape.

On every corner there are signs saying no horns, so I have to smile to myself as we shout at each other over the constant beeps and honks of horns trying to communicate within in our own car