Blood Sweat & Gladiators … A weekend in Rome part 2



If you survive you will have an experience that you will never forget, and survive we did.

Somehow between the maps, my now “smartish” smart phone, which had finally managed to use the GPS to work out exactly where we were in the now sprawling metropolis of Rome.

Which nowadays covers an area of over 1200 square kilometres, a bit bigger then the days of chariots and gladiators.

We found our way to the seven hills area, this region forms the geographical heart of Rome, within the walls of the ancient city itself and is one of the oldest inhabited areas of Rome .

Managing to find a quaint campsite with adorable little cabins to rent and a restaurant on site which we later found out was one of the best steak houses in Rome, specializing in Florentine steaks which started at 1kg each and are designed for sharing.

Although once you have tasted one you wont want to share a single bite… so of course we ate there every night.

On our fist night we met the head waiter, who was from Ecuador and after living in Australia where the service industry hasn’t quite grasped the concept of their title, especially in some of the more rural towns, it was so nice to actually be looked after properly.

He was polite, spoke amazingly good English along with quite a few other languages as the restaurant was full of a mix of locals and tourists from around the world.


We ordered the steak of course, and following my main rule when travelling

“to always taste the local food and traditional drink in every country I visit”

We just had to try some of the local grappa.

The restaurant itsself was built high up on the top of the hill, sitting at our table on the balcony looking out into the balmy June night, you could see the lights of the cabins sprawling their way down the hill side nestled among the trees, ending down at the swimming pool glistening in the moonlight. The sound of footsteps and laughter filled the air as fellow tourists arrived home from their day in Rome, or made their way up to the bar.

We had 3 Contiki tour buses also staying on site, with an ongoing rivalry running between the 3 groups involving parties, drinking games and theft of other teams mascots, which was very entertaining to watch from a safe distance.

We filled our bellies with the best steak we had ever tasted, it was that good we were chewing on the bone, we will defiantly be back tomorrow…


 After drinking enough grappa to make sure we were really enjoying our first night in one of the most famous capitals in Europe,we headed back thankfully down hill to our accommodation, they defiantly planned the position of the restaurant perfectly, and into our little cabin for a good nights sleep.