Blood Sweat & Gladiators… A weekend in Rome part 3

The next morning started very leisurely, with a strenuous saunter over to the restaurant. We filled our bellies with freshly baked croissants and of course espresso… you know when in Rome… not that it took much convincing.

After breakfast we headed over to the pool with a quick detour past our cabin to grab our swimmers, then off we went.

The pool was situated inside a kind of secret garden, you would never find it if you didn’t know it was there. If it wasn’t for the sound of laughter and the occasional splash carrying through the foliage we would never have found it.

Opening a small wooden gate that creaked ever so slightly in protest. We ducked our heads through the climber covered arch, brushing tiny flowers from our hair and shoulders as they fell free with our entry into the oasis. 20120628_120258

Once inside it was like a haven a deep beautiful turquoise pool reflecting the clear blue sky above, we couldn’t wait to get in as the heat of the day was already beginning to bite, even though it was still only mid morning.

Dropping our gear on some very comfortable looking sun lounges making a quick “mental note” to enjoy a nice refreshing cocktail there later on I just ran and jumped into the glistening coolness.

The water was the perfect temperature, cool enough to be refreshing in the heat but not so cold that you can’t wait to get back out. I love the smell as the water droplets hit the sun baked red bricks lining the pool, like that first rain shower after a hot summer’s day.


Ducking my head under I enter the utter silence of the under water world.

I love being underwater you feel so free weightless every movement is so fluid so languid gliding through incredible blue, enjoying my moment of solitary peace.

Breaking the surface i am bough fast back to reality people talking, children laughing & splashing in the shallow end of the pool. I look to my husband who is still making his way to the pool not such a water baby as myself.

I’m a water sign i cant handle being away from water. I love being on it, around it, or preferably in it.

But for him water is more of a useful necessity if he is hot he will go for a quick dip to cool off then back off to his sunlounge to enjoy a bourbon and coke.

Where as with me i could stay in the pool all day happily swimming up and down.

But of course all that swimming does make oneself very thirsty so we decided to test run the pool bar, and i did have that prearranged date with the sun lounger and a good book after all.

For a small pool side bar they were very well organized and had a wide selection of small pool side meals, drinks, cocktails and of course coffee.


They had these amazing mini frozen espresso things which I fell in love with straight away, I could have drunk an ice bucket full of them which properly isn’t the safest of plans.

I have a 1 coffee a day rule as I get awfully chirpy otherwise and even my closest friends get that look in their eye like the want to strangle me, and are just trying to think of somewhere to hide the body.

So after a light lunch a few of those yummy coffee things and a couple of cocktails for dessert it was unfortunately time to leave our oasis and sort our selves out ready for my husbands kids to arrive.

Sorting everything out and getting a cabin booked near ours was the easy part the fun part was finding our way to the airport…

Fiumicino airport is actually very near the coast and about 30km from where we were staying which doesn’t sound like much, but its much more fun if you happen to confuse the road signs just after you leave your accommodation, and not turn off down that dodgy little side road which eventually leads back down to the highway, and you end up end up getting lost.

Now having a map is great but it’s not much help if you don’t actually know where on said map you are, as I already mentioned Rome is a very big city and my very unsmart phone was having trouble working out where it was again.

So after lots of shouting, a bit of screaming, and a spattering of swear words.

Managing to come to a peaceful resolution, and not be suing each other for divorce, although unfortunately the map didn’t fare so well and would probably need a bit of love to put it back together later on.

We finally found a fuel station attendant who spoke enough English to point us in the right direction and get us back on to that forsaken highway we had just missed.

Thankfully we had left early enough and some how managed to time our arrival just as his son and daughter walked out of the arrivals door. After hugs and stories of crazy plane journeys, we headed back home to our cabins.

Dumping the bags in the rooms we raced up to the restaurant where the same waiter ran out to serve us and even though it was now quite late he found us a table out on the balcony, and came straight over with a round of grappa on the house.

 Tonight we decided to try some of their pasta dishes, which were amazing and had quite a few toasts of the local grappa to wash it down with.

Tomorrow was the big day, off on the train for a day sightseeing around Rome itself we couldn’t wait. So we headed off to bed tired but excited.