Mascaraed Hunt, Venice in a Day part 1


After arriving pretty late last night, which has started to become part of a pattern for us as we try to squeeze as much sightseeing into every daylight hour, only stopping somewhere for the night when it becomes dark.


That morning we somehow we managed to wake ourselves, Frank and I had slept in the back of our car with his kids using my old tent borrowed from my parents. I set to boiling some water in our wok ( we only had the one cooking pot you know travelling light ) to make that first coffee of the morning.

I always wonder “why does coffee seem to taste so much better when your not in your house or in the local cafe”.

Sitting there on the grass in our forest like campsite, the 4 of us quietly sip our very tasty instant coffees, listening to the morning stirrings of the world, the birds begin to sing as the sun breaks slowly through the foliage above, the kids on the other sights are already awake driving their parents crazy with their limitless levels of energy.

IMG_8869       IMG_8698

The smell of cooking bacon and eggs drift along mingled with the fresh morning air. As our tummies begin to rumble we decide to go and check out the onsite store, returning with bacon, eggs and some fresh bread we quickly set to knocking up a yummy breakfast, before our big day in Venice.IMG_8806    IMG_8742

With a quick check that the tent was dry after the morning dew, we packed everything up, drove the car over to the car park at the entrance and jumped on the shuttle for Venice.

As there were no cars allowed over there they run a very organised park and ride system from most of the surrounding accommodation. Buses connect you to the people mover which takes you from the land across a sort of bridge over the central Venice lagoon and delivers you on the other side in Venice itself, costing around 10 euros each way for a 3 minute crossing.