A day in Pisa Part 2

I had seen many photos of the leaning tower but I never realized that it was actually part of a huge complex called the Piazza Dei Miracoli or the Field of Miracles in English.

A large walled complex, consisting of the Camposanto, the Duomo, the Baptistery and of course the iconic leaning tower.

IMG_8641      IMG_8627     IMG_8638

Considering they started building the complex nearly 1000 years ago I would say that it is all holding up pretty well, even if the tower does lean a bit.

But just think if the had worked their calculations out a better and the tower had just been part of the main complex. I’m sure that the town of Pisa while still a very beautiful spot to visit, would not have received anywhere near as many tourists as they do today…

20120701_160818    20120701_153431    20120701_153304

The whole town is enjoying the fruits of their miss calculation.

The area outside the walls is full of bars, cafes and souvenir shops. Selling everything from delicious pasta and ice cream, to very refreshing liter pitchers of beer, postcards and mini leaning tower key rings.

Advice for a day in Pisa,

  • Get in early before the onslaught of tourists begin
  • Have a good look around the whole complex, don’t just get your new profile Photo and go.
  • But also don’t spend all your time in the main complex, wander down all those inviting winding old streets.
  • Try some of the local pasta specials, the 4 cheese tortellini i had was to die for.
  • the further away from the main complex you are the cheaper everything will be, but the beer will still be just as cold and the food just as tasty.
  • try to avoid the main souvenir shops selling mini leaning tower key rings made in china, wander down the old streets and try to find the locally handmade items. they will mean so much more and make much better gifts to…
  • Oh and defiantly bring a hat that midday sun has quite a bite, or for a good plan B find a small bar to hide away in and enjoy a refreshing drink…

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