Outback Australian BBQ…

An unbelievable night to remember

We were picked up from right outside our accommodation on time, in an air conditioned mini bus which took us across Alice springs to meet up with the bigger coach which would take us out to an area in the East MacDonnell Ranges,  Instead of just racing along to get to our destination our driver who was very friendly, took his time pointing out interesting places along the way, he was a wealth of local knowledge.

Every time we saw a kangaroo he would slow right down so that we all had a chance to see it and take photos, we were picked up around 5.30 so the sun was just starting to set, as we traveled out to the ranges.

IMG_2105  IMG_2088

The scenery around Alice Springs is best seen at this time of day as the already red cliff faces take on the most incredible tones, you almost cant believe your eyes. The stark contrast between the fiery red earth and the endless blue sky is just a sight to behold.

IMG_2086   IMG_2083

On arrival at our destination we were given a quick tour around, followed by a boomerang demonstration with a bit of history to. Then onto how to make damper, a traditional simple style of bread that the Australians used to make out in the bush while working the cattle, which they put in a big pot and placed over the fire to cook.

IMG_2097   IMG_2101

with a quick visit to the bar for a round of the complementary beer, wine or soft drinks, we settled down on seats made out of old tree logs, to hear some tradition bush stories/poetry & history of Australia.

The man telling the stories was very passionate about what he was sharing with us, and although there was a lot of information there it was never boring he did a very good job of keeping everyone interested. You can see that the guys who run this tour really care and enjoy what they are doing.

IMG_2107 IMG_2109

with another quick visit to the bar, we  settled down to dinner. which was 3 courses of deliciousness, the main course being a huge very tasty good quality steak cooked on a big hotplate over the fire. served with salads and a selection of sides.  for desert they pulled the damper out of the fire, sliced it up and spread golden syrup all over it, it was just divine. then tea and coffee to wash it all down with.

IMG_2134 IMG_2123

during dinner the band played all the tradition Australian songs like waltzing Matilda and other favorites. After our dinner had settled we had a bit of fun audience participation, using all the different hand made percussion instruments we got to join in with the band and play a few songs, and join in a few dances to.

 IMG_2163   IMG_2165

At the end of the evening we all moved over to the car park where they turned off the lights so that we could see the most amazing stars i have ever seen.

Because we were so far from anything else there was practically no light pollution at all you felt like you could see every star in the whole universe, the milky way was just incredible. The same man who had told us all the history before, used a laser pointer to point out certain stars and fill us with more useful information about them.

on the whole it was a great way to spend our last night in Alice springs and i would recommend it to anyone.


  • included in the price is all your drinks, 3 course dinner, entertainment and pick up from your accommodation.
  • Tours run from between 5 and 6 pm depending on sunset till around 9 pm.
  • its best to book yourselves in, in advance as they do need a certain number of bookings for the tour to go ahead, we were lucky as there was a coach tour of 45 Americans booked in on our last night, so we just slipped in with them.
  • even though it is hot during the day the temperature and drop dramatically once the sun sets so its best to take a jumper or coat with you.
  • get up and participate, even if your a bit shy, you will end up having a great evening.
  • they also do a selection of other tours, including airport transfers click on the link below for more information.