Moroccan Delight

Moroccan Delight


Now a days you don’t have to fly for a day to visit the wonders of Moroccan food.

 With lots of delicious Moroccan restaurants popping up all over the country, specialities include slow cooked goat stew and camel along with a wide selection of other dishes it a great time to get a few friends together and head down to your nearest Moroccan Restaurant.

Our local one here in the Whitsunday’s was amazing. Starting off our long lunch with their signature cocktail the Moroccan delight, made with vanilla vodka a few secret ingredients and a splash of rosewater shaken over ice then poured into a chilled martini glass over a chunk of traditional Turkish delight, just delicious.

The waitress smiled as she wrote down our very predictable order of the mixed platter for two, it was starting to become a bit of a Friday afternoon habit. Then hurried off to the kitchen where her mum was cooking up a storm. It was a family run restaurant with a mum and daughter team who had spent many years in morocco before returning to Australia.

In no time at all our platter arrived with a quick order of another round of those delicious cocktails, we dug in.

Every time we had come here the platter had something different on it, depending on what was available or on special.

Today we had a selection of camel sausages. Some deep fried pastries that looked like spring rolls but were filled with either spiced minced meat or goat’s cheese.

 Hand rolled meat skewers, marinated rainbow olives, a type of falafel, and a lot of other bite sized morsels which I can’t remember the name of.

One thing you must try is the pickled pumpkin, which if you have never had before you simply must its life changing and nothing like what you would expect.

After our lunch we washed it all down with a pot of tea, they have a whole menu devoted to tea every type and flavour you can possibly think of from light and fruity to dark and smoky.

Also on offer are selections of traditional desserts as well but I always go for the Moroccan spiced coffee. A long black coffee, spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, served with a dollop of fresh saffron infused cream, just divine.

After all that you just want to head home stretch out and sleep it off.