Rally Virgins Intro

IMG_3263After 3 years of hard work & extensive repairs our boat was at the final stages but not quite ready for launch, we were at the low point everyone goes through when you start to question yourself, why did I do this I could have just bought ourselves a nice little Mono hull and been sailing around for the last 3 years instead of still here trying to rebuild our cyclone damaged catamaran. But she is our baby and we will do whatever it takes to make her beautiful get her back in the water and sailing again. But at
that point in time we were feeling a bit like we would never achieve our goal. When along came that little nudge we needed to give us our drive back. Our friends invited us to join them on their Perry 43 catamaran for the coral coast rally, and of course we leapt at the chance, at this point we hadn’t been anywhere near the water for over a year and a half. I had been looking into the many rally’s which start from Australia & go all over the world but a lot of them are for 2 or 3 months we wanted something a bit smaller for our practice run as we had only ever worked the boat around the Whitsunday islands we hadn’t sailed and further afield before, this was the perfect opportunity a 8 day rally up the coast to magnetic island