Say yes to Korean street food…

I know that some people can be a bit wary of street food especially in certain countries, but seen as Seoul south Korea is one of the cleanest cities i have ever been to i had no worry’s tucking into their wide variation of street foods.

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we were staying in the Hongdae area which is part of the Hongik university district. so being an area full of young university students who are to busy studying/socializing to cook, it is the perfect place to start your street food crawl.

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We made a rule to taste only one item from each stall, recommendation of the vendor of course.

Then heading off to the next stall while avidly licking all the yummy stickiness off of our fingers ready for our next tasty morsel…

20120529_223924   20120530_223731   20120529_211518

with this rule in mind we still only managed to taste a 5th of the street food stalls on offer along the main strip and that is with putting a lot of time and effort into our crusade over the two nights we stayed in Seoul.

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The main temptation is the fact that the food is so incredibly amazing that you tummy just wants you to  stop at that first stall and fill your belly’s before grabbing a cold Korean beer from one of the 7/11s and then crawling back to your accommodation. but you must be strong with so many different dishes out there to temp your taste buds you just have to squeeze in as many as possible.

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With everything from toasted scrabbled egg, capsicum & coleslaw sandwiches ( sounds weird but tastes amazing ), sticky meat skewers, every type of seed or nut you can think of  encased in brittle toffee and what looked like ice cream served in a large bread bun. just to name a few.

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So next time you are doing a long  flight take a break and spend a few days tasting your way around Seoul, a very young full of life vibrant city.