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The simple step you need to know in making the perfect black coffee.

 Making the Perfect Coffee

When it comes to coffee there are always mixed responses on how to make the perfect black coffee. Most people have an acquired palette whether they prefer a slight bitter aftertaste or the pleasant aroma from mild acidity.

What you’ll want to do with any coffee is make sure you get the extraction right. Too much and you’ll start developing quite a harsh bitterness. coffee-extractionNot enough and your coffee will leave you with more acidity than your first chem class experiment.

The ideal extraction volume does differ depending on which coffee your making but with all coffee’s you’ll want to aim between 15 – 25ml to activate the aroma’s of sweetness. If you’re after an espresso with a kick then 15ml will hit your spot. If you’re more suited to the long black then you’ll need 25ml.

You might be asking, how can I make a long black with only 25ml extraction? Well the perfect way to that long black is first fill your cup with ¾ boiling water. Then extract the coffee directly into that cup.

 There are 2 benefits to this process:

  1. You are keeping the extraction volume within the optimum range by not introducing extensive bitterness, and
  2. Pouring the hot water into the cup initially will leave a lovely layer of crema on the top!


Joseph Romeo

Director of Coffee Hive. Joseph is committed to sharing his passion and knowledge on coffee with other coffee lovers. After starting the online store Coffee Hive, he prides himself on being able to deliver freshly roasted coffee pods, capsules and beans direct to homes and offices around Australia.